'Strangers With Candy'

Created as a spoof of the 1970s and 1980s after-school specials, "Strangers With Candy" chronicled the life of Geraldine "Jerri" Antonia Blank (Amy Sedaris), a 46-year-old ex-con, ex-drug addict and ex-prostitute who returned to high school as a freshman, hoping to begin her life anew. Along with Sedaris, Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello rounded out the cast. The trio were also the creators and writers of the 1999 to 2000 series, one that amassed stalwart viewers and became a top cult show. Years later, Sedaris, Colbert and Dinello collaborated on the satirical book "Wigfield." As they wrote, they continued to come up with funny "Jerri Blank" material. Alas, a movie was made in 2004 by the same name.
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