SyFy plans shark marathon for 'Sharknado'

Next week, SyFy has plans to premiere its latest TV movie, and the title really says it all: "Sharknado."

In case that title wasn't clear enough, here's a bit of an explanation: sharks. In a tornado. Attacking people on the streets of Los Angeles. It's a tornado of sharks! A ... sharknado!

In case this premise needed to become any more enticing to lure viewers, the film stars Tara Reid and "Beverly Hills 90210" star-turned-Las Vegas Chippendales dancer Ian Ziering.

Not sold yet? Then how about this: SyFy plans to premiere the film as part of a day-long marathon of shark-related programming, reminding us all that "Sharknado" isn't the only patently absurd shark-related movie the cable outlet has presented to us, the shark-loving public.

Who can forget "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus," starring former teen pop star Debbie Gibson? Or "Swamp Shark?" or the similarly titled "Sharktopus? (featuring a creature that's part-shark, part-octopus).

Discovery Channel can have its "Shark Week" devoted to shark-related documentaries. Chances are pretty good Discovery won't be airing anything like "2-Headed Shark Attack" or "Shark Zone" or "Malibu Shark Attack," which features something called prehistoric goblin sharks.

"Sharknado" touches down on July 11.