Thank 'Breaking Bad': Are more F-bombs headed to a TV near you?

Profanity on TV might be about to get a major bleepin' upgrade.

While certain curse words have begun to crop up with certain regularity on cable TV, the F-bomb is still generally considered out of bounds. But at least one cable exec thinks that's about to change.


An anonymous research executive at a major cable network who goes by the handle RatingsGal did a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" forum on Wednesday. (Reddit moderators say that they independently verified her work status.)

RatingsGal wrote that the F-word is going to be censored less over the next five years - partly due to the influence of "Breaking Bad" (WARNING: The season 6 trailer above contains absolutely no profanity. Sorry.)

"Some shows just NEED that word for emphasis," RatingsGal wrote. "Breaking Bad is allowed ONE [uncensored F-word] per season and they always use it well."

How well? You can go here to check them all out. (WARNING: There is profanity in the preceding link. Lots of it. You're welcome.)

Meanwhile, RatingsGal notes the "violence creep" on broadcast TV, where series are showing more gore.

"Over the past few seasons especially, broadcast TV has really been pushing its limits with violence - Hannibal is a great example, as is The Following. I couldn't believe some of the shots that were included in both of those shows," RatingsGal wrote.

What do you think? Should viewers be treated to more F-bombs on TV? Or should networks keep things as they are?