'The Colbert Report' becomes 'The ColbDewar's Repewars'

'The Colbert Report' becomes 'The ColbDewar's Repewars'
Just a couple of episodes left and Stephen Colbert sold naming rights to his show to Dewar's scotch. (Comedy Central)

Just two more shows on Comedy Central to go, and Stephen Colbert is looking to cash in every way he can, including selling off naming rights to his show, "The Colbert Report."

On Tuesday's show, Colbert revealed that Dewar's Scotch had won the rights and that henceforth the show formerly known as "The Colbert Report" would become "The ColbDewar's Repewars."

Along with the new name, the show also got a new opening, including lyrics to Colbert's longtime theme. As a bonus, the lyrics are easy to learn.

They go like this: "Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink."

Just be sure to listen to the last part, which includes the key word: "Responsibly."

The new opening was so good it set Colbert chuckling.

"Here's a fun little party game," he said. "Drink Dewar's every time you hear the word 'drink.'"

"It was an easy decision to go with Dewar's," Colbert said. "One, their check cleared."

And that was all the reason he needed.

Just two more "Colberts" on Comedy Central after this. Watch responsibly.

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