'The Voice' recap: The top 12 are chosen by vote and coaches

'The Voice' recap: The top 12 are chosen by vote and coaches
Garrett Gardner, from left, Josiah Hawley and Karina Iglesias perform "Forever Young" with Rod Stewart on "The Voice." (Tyler Golden / NBC)

On "The Voice" playoff results show on Wednesday night we learned which three singers on each of the four coaches' teams would proceed to next week's top 12 competition. In almost every case — or, wait, no, in every single case — the "Voice" voters, who were able to save two singers from each team with their votes, made the right call. And the judges then generally chose the best of the two remaining singers as well.

Despite host Carson Daly's announcement that "inconsistencies" had been noted in votes cast via text and online and that voting by those methods would be eliminated from the totals for the week, which, fortunately, would not affect the outcome, it made for a very satisfying results show.

Here are the results:

Team Blake
America's saves: Holly Tucker and Danielle Bradbery
Coach's save: The Swon Brothers
Eliminated: Justin Rivers
Coach's rationale: Shelton said he made the call "for the sake of just keeping things as different and diverse on my team as I can at this point in the competition."


Team Shakira
America's saves: Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas
Coach's save: Garrett Gardner
Eliminated: Karina Iglesias
Coach's rationale: Shakira said that, while Iglesias already had a "monster voice," she felt she could help 17-year-old Gardner "grow" and "improve." This was, perhaps, the evening's most debatable coach's call.

Team Usher
America's saves:
Michelle Chamuel and Vedo
Coach's save: Josiah Hawley
Eliminated: Cathia
Coach's rationale: None really given, though it was already more than clear that Usher had vastly preferred Hawley's performance this week to Cathia's. Usher also seemed a bit unprepared. "I honestly did not see that one coming," he said.

Team Adam
America's saves: Judith Hill and Amber Carrington
Coach's save: Sarah Simmons
Eliminated: Caroline Glaser
Coach's rationale: Levine's rationale for making the call, any call, was that the show was forcing his hand. Simmons and Glaser were two of his favorite singers, and he didn't believe one was better than the other, he said, so "whatever decision I make, I don't support." After saying music was more than a game and letting the show tick down to its last few seconds, Levine blurted out his choice. "I have to save Sarah" was his only explanation.

The business of results, which "The Voice" handles with a simplicity and straightforwardness that seems particularly respectful to the departing contestants, was interspersed with performances, not only by the teams, but also by musical guests.

Rod Stewart performed a combo of songs new ("Finest Woman I've Ever Known") and old ("Forever Young," on which he was joined by a few "Voice" contestants). And the evening saw the brief return of CeeLo Green, who's taking a break from coaching this season.

Green's performance of "Only You," on which he was joined by his former team member and Season 2 runnerup Juliet Simms, was a highlight. Their onstage chemistry was fun to watch, and Simms looked like a real star. The warmth with which Daly welcomed Green and Simms back onto the show — "home," as he called it — was also touching. "So great to have you both here," Daily said, distributing hugs.

It's that kind of real warmth, rapport and respect — between the coaches, the host, the contestants — that sets "The Voice" apart from other singing-competition shows that shall remain nameless.

What do you think of the results?