Toni Morrison tells Colbert she takes responsibility for Obamacare

Toni Morrison told Stephen Colbert she takes full responsibility for Obamacare

Pulitzer- and Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison can take credit for a lot of things, including writing some fantastic novels in her career, but no one would have ever thought to blame her for Obamacare. Until she met Stephen Colbert.

The 83-year-old writer was not one to get bulldozed by Colbert's mock-aggressive interview tactics when she appeared on "The Colbert Report" Wednesday night. Right off the bat, she got a look at his question card and started asking them aloud.

But then Colbert used another man's words against her. "Barack Obama has said reading your book 'Song of Solomon' taught him how to be," Colbert said. "So if you taught him how to be, are you partially to blame for Obamacare?"

Morrison could have said it was a ridiculous question. She could have blown the whole discussion off with a change of subject. But she decided to lean in, and then to Colbert's surprise, she one-upped.

"I take full responsibility for Obamacare," she said. Then she suggested it could even be retitled "Tonicare."

Can't top that. And Colbert didn't even try. He moved on to the next question.

One doesn't become a multi-award winning novelist without learning how to navigate a tricky conversation.

You can watch the full interview here.

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