'True Blood'

Killer: Michael Raymond-James plays Drew Marshall, alias Rene Lenier, who sets out to kill vampires and fangbangers (humans who associate or sympathize with vampires) on "True Blood." Modus operandi: The man with a thick Cajun accent is quiet during his kills and usually strangles his victims with a belt. His main target is Sookie Stackhouse: he's gone after her several times, her cat and her grandmother. Still at large? Technically, no. Sookie Stackhouse and Sam Merlotte took Rene out when he came after her by ramming a shovel into the back of his neck. But the memory of Rene haunts his former fiance Arlene during her pregnancy with his unborn child in Season 3 and his ghost appears in Season 4 to warn Arlene that there's more to her new beau Terry than meets the eye.
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