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V. Stiviano to discuss Donald Sterling and visor wear on 'Dr. Phil'

V. Stiviano has covered her face with a visor when venturing out in public since the Sterling scandal erupted.
She has denied having an affair with Sterling, who has said he had romantic feelings toward her.

More than the gloves will come off when Dr.  Phil sits down with V. Stiviano. The visor that has covered her face when she goes out on public will be gone as well.

Stiviano, the woman behind the fall from grace of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil's syndicated talk show on Wednesday. Although the 31-year-old Stiviano recently was interviewed by Barbara Walters, producers of Dr. Phil's show say this "will be the first time Stiviano actually reveals answers to the questions the media is left with, as she takes off her visor to face Dr. Phil's tough questions."

Although she admits to recording Sterling's racist statements that led to his being banned for life from his team and the NBA, Stiviano has repeatedly said she did not leak the recording to the media.

Viewers may also find out the answer to the reason why Stiviano says Sterling calls her his "silly rabbit."


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