“Make Your Way to the Capital of THIS Country”


Teams are given a flag and have to figure out where their next destination is. James and Jaymes figured out that the flag is the Netherlands. The Texans and Twins think they are flying to Paris, the capital of France. Trey and Lexi ran into the Chippendale's to correct their flight mistake. Natalie and Nadiya figured out on their own that they mixed up the flags.


Everyone books on different flights. I didn’t catch why but I think it has to deal with full flights. The ticket lady won’t sell the twins flights with a layover in Rome because the layover time is one hour. According to policies, one hour is too little time in case of delay. The girls beg the desk attendant and she agreed to their plea. Their flight will get them in Amsterdam at 11:30. Since, the attendant disregarded the safety rules of flights, her face and her colleagues were blurred.


The top 3 teams are at the airport. The twins come up with a brilliant move to oust Abbie and Ryan out of the competition. The double U-turn is coming up in this leg. If the top 3 use the U-turn on Abbie and Ryan, then, use the second U-turn on a team that’s already ahead, this will prevent Abbie and Ryan from using the U-turn on Josh and Brent who are behind the pack.


As of right now, the flight situation looks like


Twins 11:30am

Chips 12:15pm on a direct flight

Texans 1:05pm with a layover

Daters 12:45 / 2:05 layover in Frankfurt, Germany

Farmers 4:35pm


Team Sri Lanka is the first team to land in Amsterdam. They must travel to Amsterdam Train Central Station. Once there, they find the clue for the detour along with a Fast Forward. The girls op for the fast forward.


Traveling to the Van Gogh Café, the girls ride on a bus that can travel in the water. The twins call it a boat bus. To earn the fast forward, the girls have to eat 5 herrings each in 7 minutes. Oh, and the fish is raw. It didn’t stop the determination as they finish and win the fast forward