Actor Zach Braff Bogus CNN Article

It was this article, that declared actor Zach Braff dead by apparent suicide, that left several Twitter users stunned. An ABC spokesperson later confirmed that the bogus story was a hoax. (October 12, 2009)

Actor Zach Braff seems to be the latest celebrity killed on the internet.

Braff, 34, is alive and well despite a rumor that popped up on Twitter, complete with a fake CNN article that claimed he had died of an apparent suicide. The headline of the web article read, "Beloved Scrubs Actor Found Dead in his Home."

An ABC spokesperson has since confirmed that the whole story was a hoax.

"He's alive," an official wrote in an email. "Thank God. It's just another hoax. People, always doubt what you read on social networking sites..."

Braff, who is a New Jersey native, posted a video on YouTube further proving he is very much alive. In the hilarious two and half minute clip, Braff pokes fun at apparent inaccuracies in the bogus CNN article that proclaimed his untimely death.

"If I had to do it, I would do it the way everybody else would do it: by hitting myself with pots and pans," Braff said in reference to the claim the article made saying that the actor died of an apparent drug overdose.

The news clipping also stated that the actor was found in his "32,000 square foot estate in Beverly Hills."

"Look i'm not Oprah. That's a big ass house," he said.

Braff soared to super stardom in 2001 when he landed the role of John 'J.D.' Dorain on the popular TV series 'Scrubs,' which earned him his first Emmy nomination. The Northwestern graduate also most notably starred in the 2004 flick, 'Garden State.'