Paul McGuire

"We were going to but NBC outbid us for Mannix 3000." -- Paul McGuire The CW's executive vice president of Entertainment, anticipating the question of whether The CW would be launching more remakes. and "Stick around -- We're going to have a seance after lunch." -- Paul McGuire to a journalist who asked how Aaron Spelling would react to the new " 90210." and another... "I'm guessing targeting young women is a strategy many of you have employed somewhere along the way... although it may not have been as successful." -- Paul McGuire on whether it made sense to aim a network solely at the women age 18-34 demographic. and one more: "New faces, new drama, same pool." -- Paul McGuire on "Melrose Place." Related: 'The Vampire Diaries' pictures TCA TV Press Tour: 'The Vampire Diaries' 'Melrose Place' pictures TCA TV Press Tour: 'Melrose Place' 'Melrose Place' back to being a sexy bitch The CW's new shows Zap2it's Complete Summer Press Tour coverage
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