Behind the scenes

The "Studio 60" table is looking grim and somber. Pam from "The Office" sees Jim from "The Office" and yells to him. He gives a wave and then gets pulled away by another woman. Pam is left standing alone. Life imitates art.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss seeking out her agent and with mock shock looking down at a reporter's plate. "They're serving dessert already?!"

Harvey Weinstein, in a crowd: "Hey who's grabbing my rear?"

James Woods rushed in, from set and said that he is "at a big shots' table. I don't know how that happened." Kiefer Sutherland and Brian Grazer walked in together. Fans of Jack Bauer are a little thrown. If we watch him here, we miss him on "24." Kiefer got stopped by the heroes cheerleader who told him that he is her hero.

Masi Oka didn't know the food gets taken away so quickly. He's hungry! He's showing us an empty table: "This is my first one. I guess Ill have to wait for the parties." He and costar Adrian Pasdar were talking about how they would be thrilled to win but are nervous. Then the entree arrived and Masi said, "I guess we just missed the salad and the appetizer. That's a good sign."

Masi Oka teleported himself from the carpet to the ballroom without having to do his famous clench. Oka said he's very nervous about tonight, and rushed off to the bathroom.

The public may be tiring of serialized shows, but those who toil on "Heroes" and "Lost," which are competing tonight, found themselves in a virtual love fest. J.J. Abrams and Greg Grumberg -- old friends from "Alias" and the "Lost" pilot --hugged and wished each other luck. Jack Bender, a "Lost producer," and "Heroes'" director-EP Allan Arkush were shooting the breeze and talking about upcoming episodes of their shows.

Most of the cast of "Ugly Betty" walked into the ballroom as if they were floating on air after their highly sought-after stint on the red carpet. Tony Plana, Ana Ortiz, Becki Newton, Michael Urie, Eric Mabius and Ashley Jensen were drinking champagne and telling tales. Becki Newton said she kept looking behind her to see who the photographers were shooting and "couldn't believe it was me." Tony Plana said he was keeping his fingers crossed. But maybe he won't need the good luck, as he pointed out. "The Latin nation is praying for us tonight, the viejitas (old ladies) are all doing their rosaries."

A dashing John Stamos who is presenting tonight walked in solo.

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes arrived extra early this year so that she would have time to eat. Last year, she "starved" when her food was whisked away at the beginning of the ceremony. Looking gorgeous in a special Carolina Herrera coat dress with black, white, and silver print, Rhimes said it "felt great to be a princess for a day." She was also sporting borrowed diamonds from 14 Carat. Rhimes said she predicts "Heroes" will win and she doesn't mind because "I'm obsessed with that show. It's my favorite."

"Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry walked in the ballroom and seemed pleased that the third year ABC comedy had not been relegated to the nose bleed seats. "Ah, still a good table. Still relatively in the center" he remarked.

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