Michelle Obama sparks head scarf uproar

Why didn't Michelle Obama wear a head scarf in Saudi Arabia?

First Lady Michelle Obama's sartorial choices don't usually stir up controversy the way they did on Tuesday when she appeared with uncovered hair as she and President Obama visited Riyahd to pay respects to late Saudi King Abudllah and meet his successor, King Salman. She wore no head scarf or veil in a country where women are usually covered in public. Social media went wild, with condemnations from some Saudi bloggers and praise from those in the West, congratulating the first lady for taking a stand for women's freedom. Except she didn't. She was just following protocol in which Western women aren't required to be covered. [Los Angeles Times]

Vogue UK took a peek inside model Kate Moss' closet. We learn one can never have too many Louboutins and how to organize an extensive collection of handbags -- group by color, finish, designer and style. [Vogue UK]

Timberland has ended its collaboration with A.P.C. due to offensive remarks designer Jean Touitou made as he narrated the recent A.P.C. men's runway show in Paris, including holding up a sign that read "Last Ni##@$ IN PARIS" and using the word "ghetto" to allude to Timberland and its A.P.C. boot collaboration. In his defense, Touitou first said his friend Kanye West had approved. [The Cut]

But Thursday, GQ posted an exclusive statement from Touitou apologizing: "When describing our brand's latest collaboration, I spoke recklessly using terms that were both ignorant and offensive. I apologize and am deeply regretful for my poor choice of words, which are in no way a reflection of my personal views." [GQ]

Chris Burch, ex-husband of Tory Burch, may have lost $70 million of his own money in the failure of his C. Wonder retail enterprise. [New York Times]

Kate Spade plans to close all Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade stores to focus on its core Kate Spade New York brand. [Wall Street Journal]

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