Milan Men's Fashion Week: Prada spring-summer 2014

Men's Fashion Week is in full swing in Milan, and although we're not about to review collections we haven't had the opportunity to actually see, we will, as time permits, post images from some of the key shows, starting with Prada's spring and summer 2014 menswear runway collection, which hit the catwalk on July 23.

Even from afar, it's clear that Prada's spring-summer offerings are heavy on Hawaiiana -- bold tropical florals and stylized beachscapes that could have been plucked from a John Van Hammersveld poster, some on pieces layered over each other or paired with more formal but still relaxed-looking suit trousers or generously cut double-breasted jackets.  

Prada's show also included a handful of women's looks -- mostly strong-shouldered dresses that juxtaposed floral patterns with solids.

Maybe it's because the season finale of "Mad Men" is still fresh in our minds, but at first glance the collection reminds us of the downward spiral of Don Draper that kicked off during his visit to Hawaii earlier in the season -- bright and sunny on the outside, but with a hint of deep foreboding underneath.


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