Minnie Mouse to be featured in London Fashion Week display

Minnie Mouse to be featured in London Fashion Week display
Minnie Mouse plays piano in a Disney Store display window in this file photo. (Elise Amendola / Associated Press)

Minnie Mouse a fashion icon? Who knew! The famous rodent is to be featured during London Fashion Week in September in "Minnie Style," a photo exhibition celebrating her role as a fashion influencer in the decades since she first appeared in the Disney silent short "Plane Crazy" in 1928. [WWD]

After two black women filed complaints that Transportation Security Administration agents searched their hair as part of pre-flight screening, the TSA says it has reached an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union to train its agents to avoid racial profiling -- such as unprovoked, unwarranted afro pat-downs. [BuzzFeed]

Actress Marion Cotillard is designing some "green" jewelry for Chopard. In 2013, she wore jewelry from the jeweler's first Green Carpet Collection -- which is made from  sustainable, ethically-sourced gold and precious stones -- to Cannes. She says this is her first time designing jewelry. [WWD]

Artist Kesh posted a photo on Instagram showing a $30 T-shirt she designed for American Apparel in 2013 with a new very, very similar $630 shirt from Versace, and she says the luxury label will be hearing from her lawyers soon. [The Cut]