Advertisement fetes July cover girl Diane Kruger in Hollywood style fetes July cover girl Diane Kruger in Hollywood style
Quentin Tarantino, left, Diane Kruger, Stefanie Sherk and Demian Bichir at Monday night's party. (Pablo Frisk)

Diane Kruger, style icon extraordinaire, was honored at an intimate dinner Monday night in Beverly Hills, hosted by Munich-based luxury fashion e-tailer

Kruger is MyTheresa's July cover girl, modeling designer fashions in a feature on the site in the way only she can.


The dinner was held at the spectacular John Lautner-designed Goldstein residence.

In addition to beau Joshua Jackson, Kruger invited several other pals to attend, including director Quentin Tarantino (whom she met on "Inglourious Basterds"), musician Moby, director Nash Edgerton and Demian Bichir, her costar on FX TV's "The Bridge."

Cocktails were served by the triangular-shaped pool, then guests adjourned to a single long table overlooking the twinkling L.A. lights

"She's  one of those girls who's just cool," said MyTheresa's buying director Justin O'Shea, raising a glass of Champagne to Kruger and recounting how at Saturday's shoot for the feature in Los Angeles Kruger looked great when she arrived, before they had even dressed her in anything.

Kruger, a clotheshorse and former fashion model in her native Germany, returned the compliment, praising MyTheresa's shopping clout.

"I really like the site. And it's German, which I didn't know for a long time, but now that I know, it makes it even better," she said. "I shop for most of my clothes online. Especially now. I find a lot of T-shirts and jeans here [in L.A.], but not that much stuff that's curated and different."

For the evening's festivities, Kruger chose a Giambattista Valli haute couture dress. "It's really easy," she said. "I know it's haute couture, but it hangs like a T-shirt."

Kruger is in production on the second season of the "The Bridge," in which she plays Sonya Cross, a detective in the El Paso police department who works with Bichir, a detective across the border, to take down a serial killer. On the show, her character is the antithesis of fashion. In fact, Cross spends most of her time in a beat-up leather jacket with a horse design on the back.

"It's my [character's] dead sister's jacket. And the thing about it is, there's only one of that jacket," Kruger said. "As an actor, when you look for a character, there is usually one thing which brings it all together. It's not always wardrobe, but it is something. My character has Aspergers, but it's never mentioned, so I wanted her to be different from the minute you see her. And you never see a cop wearing a horse jacket. I thought it was a great link to her past, which we learn more about as the show goes on."

As the wine started really flowing, so did the crazy conversation. Listening to Jackson and Tarantino rank the hottest actresses from the 1980s and '90s was a highlight. (Michelle Pfeiffer? Check. Naturally, "Pulp Fiction" star Uma Thurman was also on the list.)

They never did get to discussing the 2000s, but if they had, undoubtedly Kruger would have made the cut.