New bacon-scented deodorant promises pork-perfumed pits

New bacon-scented deodorant promises pork-perfumed pits
Seattle-based J&D's Foods has announced the launch of a bacon-scented deodorant called Bacon Power ($9.99, tagline: "For When You Sweat Like a Pig"). (J&D's Foods)

Seattle-based J&D's Foods -- the folks behind such porktastic products as bacon-flavored lip balm and bacon-scented shaving cream -- take another scented-step deeper into the personal grooming category with today's launch of Power Bacon deodorant.

The bacon-scented stick is touted with the slogan: "For When You Sweat Like a Pig" and promises 24 hour bacon-scented protection "when applied liberally to underarms or private areas."

The solid stick deodorant comes in a black plastic dispenser emblazoned with a full-color photo of cooked bacon strips and the tantalizing tagline "meaty fresh" across the top of the label.

About a year ago, J&D's, which already had success with things like Baconnaise (bacon-flavored mayonnaise), BaconPOP (bacon-flavored popcorn) and bacon-flavored lip balm, sent swine-scented waves through the burgeoning men's grooming industry with the introduction of a bacon-scented shaving cream.

At that time we remember being a bit incredulous but, after a few test shaves, found it to be of surprisingly high quality.

So, even though we have yet to roll one of these pork pucks past our own pits, if J&D's R and D on the deodorant was anything like it was for the shave cream (it was formulated by the folks at the Art of Shaving), it went whole hog on the project.

So you can smell like one all day long -- with confidence.

J&D's Power Bacon deodorant (2.5 ounces, $9.99) is available online at