Reformation launches collection for the well-endowed

Clothing company introduces first of several collections for women of different shapes and sizes

Eco-friendly line Reformation launched a clothing collection on Monday for the woman with a bigger bust.

In a news release, Reformation says it is moving beyond the size and shape of its typical "fit models," who tend to be between 5 feet 6 and 5 feet 10 and wear a C cup or smaller.  "Our customer base is growing and we don't want to let them down," the release says. "Busty babes have been after us for awhile to make clothes they can feel sexy in but not feel 'on display' while wearing."

The new I'm Up Here Collection is designed to achieve that, and the pieces are specifically made to be worn with bras.

The collection, available in stores and online, includes tops, dresses, jumpsuits and rompers priced from $98 to $258.

And if you're not busty, stay tuned. This is the first in a series of special collections Reformation plans for women of various shapes and sizes. Vive la difference!

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