Coachella festival fashion: Flash tattoos, white outfits and chunky silver

Coachella 2015 festival fashion: Flash tattoos as makeup, all-white outfits and more

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which just wrapped its first weekend, brought an expected never-ending supply of cut-off denim, moccasins and bikini tops to the desert. When it's 90 degrees outside and your favorite band is playing on the main stage, directly under the sun, it's hard to imaging wearing much else.

Some people didn't bother putting on more than a one-piece bathing suit and gladiator sandals. 

But this year, a couple of new trends emerged, including flash tattoos as eye-makeup and all-white outfits. There was also plenty of chunky jewelry, mostly silver, body jewels and even some glitter. And the skinny jean was almost obsolete. Girls rocked crop tops with high-waist palazzo pants and bell bottoms instead. 

If you wanted to spot some of the best festival fashion, you parked yourself between the main stage and the VIP area. That's where you could catch a glimpse of Chanel Iman, Chiara Ferragni and packs of models. 

Here's a look at festival fashion from Coachella weekend one, with weekend two scheduled to start Friday. 

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