Cosmetics hoarder checklist

Not sure if you're simply a passionate cosmetics lover or a hoarder who needs help? Here are some signs that you may be a hoarder, courtesy of Dr. Ranae Reinardy and Dorothy Breininger:

• There are negative consequences associated with your behavior — physical, safety or financial.


•You want to stop hoarding cosmetics but can't.

•You start losing livable space in your home because of your beauty products.

•Heavy layers of dust build up on all of your beauty supplies.

•Bottles, cans and brushes start getting sticky, whether they're in a box or out on the counter.

•You ignore expiration dates.

•Most items that aren't out on shelves or stashed into the closets are still in the bags in which you purchased them, along with the receipts.

•You purchase multiples of the same item.

•You leave the price tags on.

•You purchase items that aren't appropriate for your current life. For instance, if you're a single woman who is childless, you purchase Dora the Explorer soap kits or men's shaving products.

—Alene Dawson