The three most effective products to hand out at trade shows

Whether you’re a micro-business, a huge corporation or something in between, nothing beats the excitement of a trade show, especially when your company is involved. While your new products and services may “wow” the crowd, the trick is getting trade show attendees to convert into customers. That’s where promotional products can become your best friend.

While a business card can be great for conversation follow-ups and direct connections, promotional items enhance your brand awareness and remind the recipient of the terrific services your company provides. In fact, in a study done by Promotional Products Association International, 71.6 percent of trade show attendees that receive promos remember the name of the company that gave it to them. Here are the three promotional products that will effectively turn more of the trade show attendees into your customers.

T-shirts: What’s the absolute best thing someone can do when they take your promo item home? Show it around in public for their family, friends and the general public so they see your company name, recognize your logo and get a snapshot of what you do. Custom T-shirts give you just that. Think of them as free advertisements. When you add some imagery showing what your company does, it ends up being an ad for your brand. On an individual level, whenever the recipient wears your T-shirt, they’re more likely to think about how your company would fit into their life or business.

USB drives: While this option may be slightly more expensive than other promotional products, it will definitely get people interested in your company as it’s more useful than almost any other promo item. While many other promo items are flimsy and not useful, a sturdy USB drive provides the recipient with something that they’ll use for important tasks, time and time again. For software companies and technology businesses, flash drives, car chargers and other tech gadgets are perfect for reminding your recipients that you sell useful, high-tech products.

Tossable items: These aren’t items that you throw away; they’re items that you throw around. Anytime you hand out products that get people active, they’ll be more likely to use it, and therefore more apt to recognize and remember your company name. Products like mini-footballs, Frisbees and stress balls are perfect for people to toss around during their workday. After a trade show, you want people to continue to think about you. With these items, your company will literally be in the palm of their hand.

No matter the promo items you give out at your trade shows, it all comes down to your company’s products. Unless you have a fantastic product, service or program that people can’t do without, your promotional items will be for naught. But with the right products, the right marketing and the right promo products, your business can continue to do well and exceed your own expectations.