Holiday gift ideas that will wow your co-workers and teams

Impress your co-workers this holiday season and to show your appreciation for all of their hard work. You can give gift cards to their favorite retail establishments or gifts of wine that will show just how much you appreciate their hard work.

Find the perfect food gift ideas from Hickory Farms and you’ll discover it is easy to show your gratitude to professional colleagues and spread Christmas cheer and well wishes.

* Gift cards

Send thoughts and appreciation for the hard work of co-workers with a gift card accompanied by a personalized message to further recognize a job well done. Recognize team members and co-workers who have gone the extra mile to meet the needs of your clients by adding additional gift cards or gift baskets to show your gratitude.

* Sausage and cheese gift baskets

Meat and cheese gift baskets will be enjoyed by your co-workers and appreciated by their families at holiday celebrations and casual get-togethers. Pair gourmet sausage and cheese with other favorites, like crackers, nuts and fruits, for the perfect match of flavors. Don’t forget to include a personalized holiday greeting to share well wishes to their families.

*Wine and cheese

What better way to show your gratitude for a great year than with a bottle of wine accompanied by gourmet cheese for the perfect pairing to surprise and delight your co-workers. For an added surprise, include a set of wine glasses to celebrate and acknowledge your professional relationship.