June 4, 2007

Tomas Ovalle / The Fresno Bee
By Anna Gosline and Jeannine Stein, Special to The Times
Fatigue, dizziness, cramps — that's how overheating starts. Now scientists are learning what causes it and how to prevent it.


With these bikes, easy does it

With these bikes, easy does it

Although bike riding is an ideal fitness activity for all ages and abilities — doable from home, easy on the joints, free (after buying the bike) — most people don't ride.  More...

So they don't die alone

So they don't die alone

Too many patients, too little time. Sandra Clarke, a nurse in Eugene, Ore., looked in on a patient not expected to live through the night. "Will you sit with me?" he asked.  More...


If you know how to sit, just hold it right there

If you know how to sit, just hold it right there

Just sitting upright properly can be challenging if you try to hold the position for a period of time. It requires both strength and flexibility in the muscles of your legs and back. Think of forming a 90-degree angle with your body with a hinge at your hips.  More...


Slim results for 'electric exercise'?

Slim results for 'electric exercise'?

I see lots of ads for so-called exercise devices that use electric charges to work muscles. My mother used a similar product for several decades with no benefits. What's your take?  More...


Nibble away: Snacking's OK as we age

Nibble away: Snacking's OK as we age

ADVANCING age does have its perks: wisdom, recreational vehicles and, now, sanctioned snacking.  More...


Can't run? No sweat. Just walk.

I have tried running many times, but I can only do it for a few minutes, and I find it really uncomfortable. Is walking just as good as running? Can I do that instead?  More...


The cost of a brain tumor

A severe health crisis leads to a financial crisis too in many American homes. A survey from the National Brain Tumor Foundation of patients and their caregivers shows the financial effect of a brain tumor diagnosis.  More...


Sweating increases as you train

I run on my treadmill for 45 minutes at a quick pace (eight minutes or less per mile) every morning. I am always dripping (and I mean dripping) with sweat, often after only three miles. Is it unhealthy or unusual to perspire so much? Or is it a sign of some kind of condition I should be concerned about? I'm in very good shape, don't sweat excessively during regular activities and don't drink that much water.  More...


Proud to join the 'geezerjocks'

Proud to join the 'geezerjocks'

As a newly minted senior citizen, I have sometimes wondered if the perks of advanced age come anywhere close to compensating for the deficits.  More...


Diabetics' risk of heart attack

Some 15 million Americans have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. About 85% take some form of medication or insulin to control it. Recently, scientists reported that one such drug, called Avandia, increased a diabetic's risk of heart attacks by 43%.  More...


CT scans a less-invasive way to check on stents; Water-pipe smoking may pose same risks as cigarettes

CT scans may be able to replace more invasive techniques to check whether heart devices called stents have become overgrown and need clearing, Dutch researchers reported last week.  More...