Hide the effects

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal (clients include Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Pink) knows the pain of a sleepless night. "I pull all-nighters all of the time," she says. Her clients do too. "Gone are the days when we used to do one thing one day and another thing another day," Roncal says. "Now literally we start at 4 a.m. at the 'Today Show' and then we do the 'Rachael Ray Show,' then you go do a photo shoot and then you do a video shoot, then you go do a red carpet — it's literally all day."

She created her own makeup line (Mally Beauty, sold at mallybeauty.com and QVC) as "a bulletproof line that lasts all day and looks fierce" to meet her clients' 24/7 needs. "Every woman I know is a superwoman — kids and husbands and businesses — she's up and running," Roncal says. She offers these tips to look beautiful the morning after:

Red eyes: Use Visine [or Rohto] after applying makeup. "Tilt your head back and pull the bottom lid down and put the eye drops in that little pocket and then you just sort of blink, blink, blink. And you quickly put the Q-Tip right where the tear duct is to catch the makeup."

Puffy eyes: Anything cool will help reduce puffiness, including chilled black tea, tea bags (caffeine helps constrict) or a gel eye mask.

Concealer: "It lightens, brightens and really helps you look as if you've had eight hours' sleep. Apply underneath your eyes, but make sure that you get in that area by the bridge of the nose — in that little cave of darkness, as I like to say."

Lashes: "Never leave the house without curling your lashes. I pump at the base, middle and at the tip, and that way you get that nice round curl."

Skin: "Radiant skin is the No.1 secret to looking awake. One of my secrets is that I always wear an under-makeup primer before I put on foundation."

Shimmer and highlighter: "Shimmer powder is ruining the universe because so many people are using it the wrong way. It [should be] used to highlight the highest areas of the face so that you look bright and lifted. If you take shimmer powder and put it all over the place, you just end up looking like the Tin Man in 'The Wizard of Oz.'"

Eyes: "Either brighten the eye area with light makeup or, if you have dark circles, break out a dark pencil for a smoky eye and go with it."

Blush: "If you're not wearing blush at all or you're not wearing a brightening blush, you are actually making yourself look more tired. So all of those tawny, beige, brown blushes are going to make you look more tired. The secret is a healthy pop of color such as a beautiful, fresh pink-peach cheek with a hint of golden radiance to really wake up the face. Apply not only on the apple of the cheek but a little tiny bit on the highest point above the eyebrow."

Brows: "Filling in your brows can make you look more awake and 10 years younger."

Lips: "When you're tired, don't use lipstick because it's so drying. Use a lip gloss with a pink shine to it."

Hair: "When I haven't slept all night my secret is to go for that Jennifer Aniston beachy hair that hangs on either side of your face. But maybe put a little bobby pin or clip to pull it to the side on top. It's sexy-beachy-mysterious and gives extra contour to the face."