Best Lunch

1st) Garden Catering

“We’re a family-run business,” says Tina Carpenteri. “Coming into our stores is like walking into a friend’s home.” The daughter of Frank Carpenteri, Sr. (who has run Garden Catering since 1991 and built it into a local institution), Tina says that it’s this family atmosphere that has won their business both the Best Lunch and Best Catering awards for seven years. Garden’s delis stand out thanks to their house-roasted turkey and roast beef and the consistent quality of all its prepared foods. The storefronts (one in Fairfield, two in Greenwich, two in Westchester County and three in Stamford) are famed for their fried chicken and chicken nuggets — the main ingredient of The Special, Garden Catering’s famed combo of nuggets, fries and spices in one bag.

185 1/2 Sound Beach Ave.
(203) 637-7699

177 Hamilton Ave.
(203) 422-2555

1053 E. Main St.
(203) 323-4931

other locations


2nd) Harborview Market

218 Harborview Ave.
(203) 367-7336

3rd) Huntington Street Cafe

90 Huntington St.
(203) 925-9064

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