Re:Generation brilliant idea to bring back the classics

Genres of today consist of hip hop and


, dropping loud beats and creating a huge dance scene.

But imagine techno mixed with rock, country, or R&B; hip hop with classical or a nice sense of jazz.


The unimaginable becomes possible in the



This film follows the stories of five of the most noteworthy electronic producers and


's of today – Mark Ronson ,


, the Crystal Method, DJ Premier, and

Pretty Lights

– as they endeavor a musical journey they never envisioned they would embark upon.

Each artist is assigned a specific genre to work with – Mark Ronson's being jazz, Skrillex being rock, the Crystal Method being R&B, DJ Premier being classical, and Pretty Lights being country.

Their path is comprised of writing and recording a song based upon their given genre with the help of famous representatives of that genre.

Both entertaining and educational, the film gives a behind-the-scenes look of the production of such music.

Starting at square one, the artists explore music stores to get a taste of the music they will be working with.

From there on, they begin to form ideas and collaborate with who could be said as the best-of-the-best of their genre to recreate the classics.

As they strive to produce outstanding music, the documentary gives a close up view of the production process.

This process includes working with lyrics, beats, instruments, and even each other.

While artists such as DJ Premier and the Crystal Method were fortunate to work well with their colleagues, Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson and Skrillex had their moments of dysfunction.

This creates a captivating presence of the film which shows the hard work that must be put into something so out of the ordinary.

The commitment and backbreaking work the producers and DJs put into creating their song brings the documentary together.

DJ Premier was the most inspirational out of the five in the film.

He shows his understanding and interest of learning the history and meaning behind classical music.

Not only does he show this, but shows improvement and learning as he progresses through his music project.

This entertaining documentary combines vintage music into today's contemporary music in the most productive of ways.

The idea for this film stands to be brilliant.