Bonnie DiPacio, Sun Sentinel Class of 1985-2007

Fred Turner will always be "Mr. Tudball" to my "Misses-a-Wigginsa" and I will forever remember, with a big laugh, his

Mr. Blackwell

fashion comments directed to

and me when sauntering down the aisle to his office in the morning.

But, the defining "Fred Moment" for me is when I asked to take a three-month writing assignment in Lifestyle and he said "go for it Bon" and came in the following day with three books for me -

Amo, Amas, Amat and More,

bird by bird

, and

On Writing Well

- and I knew that he meant it.

He always encouraged those of us fortunate enough to be under his leadership, to follow our dreams. Freddie was only four months older than me, but I took great delight on each birthday to remind him that he was older - I will miss that on May 28.