August 9: Focus on Family - Back to School Checklists

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Harlan Cohen

Back-To-School Checklist for College-Bound Students

Expect the Unexpected
Try leaving for college with BIG, but flexible, expectations.

Patience, Patience, Patience
It can take up to two years to find your place on campus.

The Ultimate Roommate Rule
Make rules before you need rules.

It's normal. Medicate with small doses of home, family and friends.

The Fifth Wall of Technology
Don't stay in your dorm and live online. You'll miss out.

Back-To-School Checklist for Parents of College-Bound Students

Loosen Your Grip
ou don't have to "let go." Just change your grip.

The 24-Hour Rule
Unless there's immediate danger, wait at least 24 hours. Most situations will get fixed without your help.

Learn to Text
Texting is the most unobtrusive way to get a response from your student.

Moving Day
How to say good-bye and what NOT to do

The First Few MonthsWhat to expect from your college student (and what to do) in the first few months

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