Are you a serious carnivore? This fancy meat club could be for you

For those with active premolars, the Carnivore Meat club monthly meat boxes

If you look for it, you can find a monthly mailer club for everything from cheese to mustard. And now, there's something for the serious carnivores. 

The Carnivore Club ships monthly cured meat boxes to its members. Think duck breast prosciutto, Pata Negro Iberico ham, Culatello, bison jerky and five-game terrine. 

Each month, members receive a box of four to six cured meats from producers around the world. And with each box comes a different theme, highlighting one producer.

You may get French charcuterie in January, South African biltong in March and Italian salumi in the summer. 

A one-time shipment is $55, or you can opt to have meat delivered monthly for $50 a month. You can also do bi-monthly or quarterly boxes. 

The stinkier the salumi, the better. Follow me on Twitter @Jenn_Harris_


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