Chef Evan Funke resigns from Bucato

Bucato's chef leaves, heads to Italy

Evan Funke, the chef and co-owner of Bucato in Culver City, has resigned. His departure is due to "unreconcileable differences," said Funke in a text message this morning.

Funke resigned Wednesday. As for plans for the diner the chef had in the works, that's not his project, Funke says. Instead, the chef is headed back to Europe, where he spent a great deal of time making pasta both before and after Bucato opened in July 2013.

"Onwards to Italy and more pasta in obscure places," Funke texted. 

Funke opened Bucato with Ed Keebler in the old Beacon space at the Helms Bakery complex in Culver City. The restaurant was known for outstanding Bolognese-style housemade pasta, Funke's porchetta, and many small plates that bore evidence of Funke's own culinary history — he was executive chef at Rustic Canyon and before that cooked at Spago.

The chef had been busy of late, making news with his pasta-making skills on Instagram. 

Funke says he doesn't know who's taking over for him behind the stoves at Bucato. He's moved on to other things, specifically heading to Italy. "Gonna do the islands and extreme south of the boot," he texted. Eating a lot of pasta, it's probably safe to say, along the way. 

Because taking pictures of food is almost as much fun as eating it, on Instagram @ascattergood.

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