Atwater Village restaurant launches dog menu -- for your dog, that is

This Atwater Village restaurant just launched a doggy menu, specially made for your four-legged friends

Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering a meal for yourself, then one for your dog. Because if your dog is going to watch you eat a bowl of mac and cheese, or a burger, shouldn't she get a little something too? 

The Morrison Pub in Atwater Village has launched a new doggy menu, designed to feed its four-legged customers.

The restaurant, known for its signature burgers (for people), isn't exactly setting a place for your pup at the table — but on the patio, you can order from a special menu, with dishes made exclusively for dogs. 

The menu has three selections, including Where's the Beef?, which comes with chopped hamburger beef and rice; the Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, a bowl of chicken with rice; and the Franenweinie, a bowl of chopped hot dogs and rice. 

Each dish is $6 and can be ordered any time of day on the patio. And in case you're wondering, the food is served in doggy dishes, adorned with paws and bones. 

3179 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 667-1839,

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An earlier version of this post said The Morrison Pub was located in Los Feliz. It is located in the Atwater Village area of Los Angeles. 


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