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Four creative, locally brewed beers for November

L.A.’s craft breweries are maturing quickly as thirsty Angelenos drink the beer as fast as it is brewed, and new beers are being packaged and released each week. November is looking to be a particularly great month for creative, locally brewed beers.

Here are four new options to keep an eye out for.

Better Weather IPA -- Golden Road Brewing

While the rest of the country is bracing for winter, Los Angeles is enjoying a typical balmy fall, and the newest brew in Golden Road Brewing’s Custom IPA series is an "ode to light sweaters and flip-flops." Better Weather IPA is full of fruity hop flavors that mask the beer's potency; at 9.4% ABV the beer will warm your cockles West Coast-style. Four packs of 16-ounce cans will be available through January 2014 pretty much everywhere. 

Stimulus -- Eagle Rock Brewery

A marriage of Intelligentsia coffee and a Belgian amber ale, Stimulus is a fan favorite from Eagle Rock Brewery that is being released in bottles for the first time. The brew is rich with the fruity, roasty coffee flavors from the 80 pounds of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans that are added to the freshly fermented beer and steeped -- cold-brew-style -- for  20 hours. Stimulus is available in 22-ounce bottles at the brewery’s tasting room or at bottles shops around town.

Vanilla Porter -- Angel City Brewery

The Arts District brewery began bottling its flagship beers in September, and this month Vanilla Porter will be the first seasonal release from Angel City Brewery to get the glass treatment. A popular brew at the brewery’s Public House, Vanilla Porter is rich and roasty without being cloying or overly vanilla forward. Only 200 cases of 22-ounce bottles are being released to bottle shops this week, and the 6.5% ABV porter is a great candidate for some ice cream-and-beer-float experimentation.

Feminist -- Monkish Brewing

The Torrance brewery known for its Belgian-inspired creations has been promising to begin bottling for months, and the first run of champagne-style bottles is Feminist, a Belgian tripel brewed with hibiscus flowers. The 9.4% ABV beer is complex, floral and tinged with pink; a wonderful accompaniment to an autumn evening. Monkish is planning at least three more bottle releases before the end of the year, including a special Christmas beer for the holidays. Look for them at your favorite beer retailer.


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