Freezering: Pranksters find a new way to mess with food

Freezering has officially hit Japan. No, it's not the name of a storm, or even cooler weather conditions. It's when someone hops into a commercial freezer at a restaurant, drug store or liquor store, has someone snap a pic, then uploads it to some form of social media.

Yes, someone voluntarily climbs into a freezer -- even the short ones that contain ice cream bars -- and poses for a picture. The pictures of people taking a nap on top of Drumstick ice cream cones and Klondike bars are especially odd. 

The entire thing sounds like the subject of an ultimate-prankster Jimmy Kimmel skit, but it's a real form of pranking popular in Japan. And according to, it's a way for businesses to use pranksters to shame rivals, and in some instances, put them out of business.

The blog is reporting that some businesses are using a company called "terrobaito outsource"  to hire people to commit freezering in a rival's freezer. A company hires baitos (part-time workers) to work for a business for a period of time then take a picture of themselves freezering to shame the business. 

Sounds like an evil plan. If the health department in Los Angeles were to find a man or woman in a freezer, that business would likely be in violation of the California Retail Food Code, Article 5, Section 114047. It states, "Adequate and suitable space shall be provided for the storage of food... Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food in a clean, dry location, where it is not exposed to splash, dust, vermin, or other forms of contamination or adulteration, and at least six inches above the floor." 

So, freezering isn't specifically mentioned, but we're pretty sure sticking a fully clothed man with dirty shoes into a freezer is a massive health code violation. 

A representative from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health wants to urge anyone who witnesses freezering to report it on the website

[Updated Oct. 7, 2:38 p.m.: A representative from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health commented on what to do if freezering is witnessed.]

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