Fritzi Dog will open in downtown, with carrot dogs

Neal Fraser is bringing his Fritzi Dogs to downtown Monday

Downtown dwellers need to prepare for the carrot dog. 

Neal Fraser, who serves a sous-vide whole carrot on a bun at his hot dog stand at the Original Farmers Market, is bringing his dogs and carrots downtown.

Fraser will open a location of Fritzi Dog at Vibiana, just a stone's throw from his other restaurant, Redbird, on Monday. 

He'll be serving hot dogs Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can expect the full Fritzi Dog menu, along with a new dog called the Smoky Snappy. It's a beef and pork dog with snap, and a little smoke. 

And if you're into the idea of carrot dogs, you can order them topped with crispy Brussels sprouts, warm sauerkraut, parsley gremolata, cheese and super spicy mustard — not all on the same dog. Although if you really want to, go right ahead. 

If you buy any dog and drink, an order of tots or fries is free. 

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