Girl Scouts introduce new cookie flavors, including gluten-free cookies

Girl Scouts introduce three new cookie flavors, including two gluten-free ones!

Just as you're struggling to keep those new year's resolutions on track, the Girl Scouts of USA announce three new cookie flavors. As if you weren't already hoarding last season's shipment of Thin Mints in your desk. 

Two of the new flavors are gluten-free. The first is called Toffee-tastic, described by the Girl Scouts as a buttery cookie with toffee bits. Toffee-tastics will sell for $6 a box. The second gluten-free cookie is called Trios, made with peanut butter, chocolate chips and whole grain oats. Those will sell for $5 a box.

Last year, the Girl Scouts tested a gluten-free chocolate chip shortbread cookie, which was available in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as other markets. 

The third new cookie, which contains gluten, is called Rah-Rah Raisin. It's an oatmeal raisin cookie with raisins, Greek yogurt-flavored chunks and whole grain oats. Those cookies, and the rest of the classic lineup, including Thin Mints, will sell for $5 a box. 

The new cookie flavors will be available in select markets. All of the Girl Scout cookie varieties will go on sale Jan. 25. 

To find and buy cookies, you can download the new Girl Scout Cookie Finder smartphone app, which provides driving instructions to nearby booths, Girl Scout Cookie recipes and an option to share your cookie pictures on Instagram.  you can also find a booth neAr you at

Or let your Girl Scout mom co-workers harass you. 

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Updated at 9:15 a.m.: This post was updated to include information on the gluten-free cookie the Girl Scouts tested last year.

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