In the Kitchen: Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Year of the Monkey begins Monday, and for many this is cause for celebration. For the more than a half-million Chinese Americans in the greater Los Angeles area, Chinese New Year festivities include elaborate meals and favorite foods. We share recipes to help you celebrate at home.

If you've checked out the local farmers market recently, you may have noticed mounds of bright green cherimoyas to be found. The interesting-looking tropical fruit is known for its velvety flesh and delicate flavor, like a mix of papaya, pineapple and banana, a perfect filling for a delicate puff pastry tart. And because Girl Scout cookies are also in season, check out some tips for pairing your favorite cookies with your favorite wine.

After the storm this past weekend, we compiled a few of our favorite gratin recipes as dinner inspiration for these chilly winter evenings. Finally, we hear there's a little football game going on this weekend. We share tips, recipes and more to help you put out a memorable Super Bowl spread on Sunday.

Noelle Carter

Host your own Chinese New Year celebration

With Chinese New Year less than a week away, now is the time to start planning your Year of the Monkey celebrations. Our recipe for steamed whole fish can make for a dramatic presentation, and you'll find yourself making the recipe for Chinese sticky rice over and over again. Finally, turn the recipe for Cantonese dumplings into a fun event for your guests or family.

What to do with cherimoyas

If you've never encountered a cherimoya before, the odd shape and leathery skin marked by large indentations could understandably be a little intimidating. But slice into the fruit and you'll find the creamy, tropical-flavored flesh works well in a variety of preparations. Check out our tips for buying, along with recipe ideas.

What to drink with those Thin Mints

If you're wondering what to do with all the Girl Scout cookies you've ordered this year, Vivino wine app may have one of the best ideas ever. Forget adding the crushed cookies to ice cream or spooning them into your morning yogurt. Enjoy your cookies paired with the right wine. As for those Thin Mints, you can savor them over a glass of Brunello.

4 gratin dishes you'll want to make this week

These chilly nights have us clamoring for comfort food, and one of our favorite go-to meals is the humble gratin. Aromatic vegetables suspended in a rich sauce and baked under a golden-brown crust, some of the best gratins are based on the simplest of ingredients. And sometimes this is all you need, particularly on a busy weeknight. We share four of our favorite recipes.

Super Bowl recipes

Construct your own food football stadium. Build your own bacon-wrapped hot dog cart. For the Big Game, you want to go equally big with the spread. From dips to wings to chili and desserts, we've compiled more than 60 recipes to help you plan your Super Bowl party. Keep checking back -- we'll be updating our Super Bowl food page throughout the week with new ideas.

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