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Watch out Fireball Whisky, Jack Daniel's releases Tennessee Fire

Fireball whisky vs. the new Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire. Which will win your cinnamon-whiskey loving heart?

Let the battle of the cinnamon-flavored whiskeys begin.

The next time you're tipsy at a bar, and feel inclined to buy a round of hot cinnamon whiskey shots for your friends, you'll have a couple options to choose from. 

Jack Daniel Distillery released its Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire cinnamon whiskey to stores nationwide Tuesday, following a limited release last year. The whiskey, dubbed "Jack Fire," is a mix of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniel's own cinnamon liqueur. 

Sound a little familiar? 

The flavored whiskey is hitting a market currently dominated by Fireball Whisky, the cinnamon-flavored liqueur popular with college students, made by Sazerac. You'll find it at most bars, and at some, on tap. 

This is the Tennessee-based brand's first new flavor since Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, which was released in 2011.  

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