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How to spend Valentine's Day dinner with Kimye, sort of

Valentine's Day dinner a la Kimye? Brooklyn restaurant hosts Kim Kardashian and Kanye West-themed dinner

Remember the restaurant that hosted a Beyonce and Jay-Z-themed Valentine's Day dinner last year? Well Brucie, that restaurant in Brooklyn, has decided to celebrate a different couple this year. Introducing the Kimye Valentine's Day dinner. 

In case you've been living under a rock, or don't socialize with people age 10 to 40, Kimye stands for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And this Valentine's Day, you can eat an entire meal dedicated to the couple.

"L.A. Paris. Sexy. Brooding. Wet and wild," is how the restaurant describes the dinner on its website.

So how does one translate a naked Kardashian and a rapping West on a motorcycle into dinner? With Goldschlagger, "yeezecake" and caviar of course. 

For the first course inspired by Kardashian, dill "kreme" fraiche and a Midori shot. Then a dish of "kauliflower," pistachio, raisin and salsa verde followed by "sticky rice balls" made with kim-chi, honey mascarpone glaze and sesame. There's also "mak n kheese" with elbows, Scharfe "maxxx," Cabot Clouthbound cheddar and white truffle; "khicken fried rump roast" with "kabbage," pickled pear and buttermilk ranch; and "karrot kake" with Goldschlagger and salted "karamel." 

For the Kanye-inspired menu, an amuse bouche of "good life" made with smoked oyster, caviar, brioche and Lillet Blanc, followed by "gold digger" made with beets, gold leaf, saffron aioli and hazelnut dirt. For the second course, "all foie's down" with foie gras pate, crepe, cognac, smoked cherry sauce and quail egg; "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy" with squid ink tagliatelle, duck confit, coconut and microgreens; "bound two" pork roulade bourguignon with celeriac puree, artichoke and parsley salad; and "Imma let you finish" with pernod "yeezecake" and chantilly cream. 

You can also order "the north west," a pacific Northwest salmon en croute with bacon-braised greens to share. 

Each diner has a choice of a Kardashian or West-inspired dish for each of five courses. Dinner is $100 per person and does not include tip, tax or alcohol.

We're thinking if you really want to have an authentic Kimye dinner, you'll spring for a bottle of Moscato. 

To book a table, email requests to rsvp@brucienyc.com or call (347) 987-4961. 

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