Kitchen gadget: Fish spatula

Fish spatulas are handy for a variety of kitchen tasks in which a delicate touch is needed

Whether you cook fish a lot, or fix it just once or twice a year, a fish spatula can make quick and easy work of lifting and flipping those delicate fillets and steaks as they cook.

Unlike standard metal spatulas, which can be thick and awkward around fish, a fish spatula is extremely thin and flexible. The lightly angled spatula comes with rounded corners and usually has a beveled edge, making it easy to slide under the most fragile fillet so you can lift it out of the pan.

And the large spatula comes with wide slats, allowing liquids to drain while minimizing surface contact with the fish so it doesn't stick to the spatula and tear as it's handled.

Although the name might make it sound like this is a single-use tool, fish spatulas are handy for a variety of kitchen tasks in which a delicate touch is needed, whether you're cooking eggs or flipping crepes.

Fish spatulas are available at cooking supply stores, as well as online. A basic one should set you back no more than $10 to $20.

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