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National Jerky Day: #MeatRushmore, a Mt. Rushmore replica made of jerky

Whoa, Jack Link's recreates Mount Rushmore with jerky for National Jerky Day
What does George Washington look like covered in jerky? Check out Meat Rushmore for National Jerky Day

Thursday is National Jerky Day, and to celebrate, Jack Link's jerky has created some familiar faces out of jerky. The Wisconsin-based company constructed a giant replica of Mount Rushmore, bringing together George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, all covered in jerky. 

"National Jerky Day celebrates the rich history, the immense popularity and the nutritional benefits of meat snacks," said art director Alex Valhouli in a video, seen above, documenting the making of the jerky replica. 

The giant jerky sculpture is 13 feet tall and 17 feet wide. More than 1,600 pounds of jerky were used to cover every crevice of the past presidents' faces. 

The jerky former heads of state, dubbed Meat Rushmore, took 1,400 hours to make and is made of Jack Link's beef, pork and turkey jerky. 

"The big challenge with meat sculpting is that it hasn't been done before," said Valhouli. "And you can't possibly know what to expect." 

In the video, artists are shown wearing gloves, on their hands and knees affixing pieces of jerky to the presidents' chins and nostrils. 

Meat Rushmore is on display in New York City's Columbus Circle on Thursday, the third-annual National Jerky Day. 

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