Sure it's National Kale Day, but we loved it before it was cool

Russ Parsons
The California Cook
Has kale jumped the shark? Never mind what the cool kids say, it's still one of our favorite greens

It’s like you have this favorite indy band that nobody else knows about. You wear their T-shirt, and people stop you at parties. And then they start to get picked up. Before you know it, they’re so popular they’re playing Staples. And then they have their own reality television show. How can you not hate them?

Such has been the too-spectacular rise of kale. You could say it has been a rocket-ship ride … straight over the shark. First bit of evidence? Today is National Kale Day. Let’s face it, nothing good has ever come from having a national day in your honor.

Still, I find myself pining for the old kale, before its salad days -- or at least before everyone had picked up on its salad days. In fact, as an early advocate of kale salad, I feel that I bear some of the responsibility. And even a little bit of it is a heavy load indeed.

But you know what? Kale is good. In fact, treat it right, and it’s great. Don’t let its current popularity cloud your judgment. Soon enough kale will be yesterday’s hero and the bandwagoners will move on to something else. Carrots, maybe.

Before you know it, kale will be starring in a remake of “Behind the Music.” And we’ll be left with its sweet delicious leaves all to ourselves. And we’ll be cooking things like the dishes in the photo gallery above.

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