Naughty Girl Donut Shop pops up with pin-up inspired doughnuts in L.A.

Tiana Ramos, co-owner of the Naughty Girl Donut Shop in Virginia, is bringing her doughnuts to Los Angeles on Sunday. She and co-owner Natalie Ramos, who happens to be her mother, will be selling doughnuts out of the Toy Art Gallery from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Ramos, who is 17 years old, runs the shop with her teenage friends, all of whom dress in themed costumes. They make doughnuts before school, head to classes, then work at the shop after work.


All of Ramos' doughnuts are inspired by pin-up dolls. While in town, she'll be selling items from her Page collection, inspired by Bettie Page; her Monroe collection, inspired by Marilyn Monroe; and the Grable collection, inspired by Betty Grable.

Flavors include the Elvis Presley, made with banana filling, peanut butter banana bit icing and mini chocolate chips; Waken Bacon, made with caramel espresso glaze, peppered bacon, toffee and burnt sugar; and the Morning Glory, featuring a whole wheat and apple cake doughnut, cinnamon glaze, granola and dried cranberries.

There's also the Bourbon Street Mix made with bourbon caramel icing, caramel popcorn, crushed peanuts and dark chocolate drizzle.

Ramos plans on selling autographed boxes of doughnuts for $11.50 to $16.

She's also making a special MTV Movie Awards collection of doughnuts to share with nominees Jennifer Lopez, Zac Efron, Kate Upton and other celebrities at the award show's gifting suite. These doughnuts will be topped with 24k gold leaf, black truffles and Parisian fleur de sel. As of now, these are just for the celebs.

And if you can't make it to the pop-up, Ramos is planning to sell her doughnuts at Whole Foods and Balducci's gourmet markets.

7571 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles,