Phillipe's French dip sandwiches: Now being delivered nationwide

Phillipe the Original to ship French Dip sandwiches nationwide

There are few spots more classically L.A. than Phillipe the Original. Phillipe's crowded cavern of weirdos and jus fans is a Los Angeles mainstay. But if visiting the home of the original French dip sandwich isn't feasible (you live in, say, Dallas, or Malibu), Phillipe’s has partnered with online marketplace Goldbely to offer a limited chance to taste its sloppy sandwiches without leaving home.

It’s called Phillipe’s French Dip Party Pack, and you have 24 hours to get your hands on it.

The pack includes four of Philippe’s trademark French dip sandwiches, 1.5 pounds of cole slaw with signature dressing, a container of pickles, a bottle of spicy mustard and a collectible Philippe bobble head (if you’re into that kind of thing -- who isn't?). The pack is $89, ordered online, and shipped Next Day Air Express. Your sandwich is flown to you.

This is Phillipe’s first time shipping its products nationwide. Orders must be placed by noon EST (that's 9 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday to receive an order Friday.

Phillipe the Original claims to be the birthplace of the classic French Dip. The accidental creation made its place in history nearly 100 years ago, when Phillipe’s owner Philippe Mathieu mistakenly dropped the top of a roll into the juice filled roasting pan of a beef sandwich he was preparing. The customer, a policeman, said he’d take the sandwich anyway. And thus, sandwich royalty was brought into the world.

Phillipe is boasting shipped sandwiches are handmade to order and are being packed with tested methods of heating and storage to keep the package fresh. But keep an eye on your postman. 

Order online at Goldbely.

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