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L.A. kids menus that don't suck: Think burrata flatbread, not pizza

Think your kid deserves more than chicken fingers? We do too. Here are 3 kids menus that don't suck

Your kids deserve more than dry, fried chicken strips and ketchup, a cheeseburger and watery mac 'n' cheese. And in your quest to find a kids menu that doubles as a coloring book, you shouldn't be forced to eat UFO-saucer-sized plates of red sauce spaghetti and bricks of onion rings. 

You can be a serious food person — and know all the words to that song from "Frozen." Some Los Angeles restaurants, and we're not talking about the big chains, have kids menus that are creative and thoughtful. Instead of cheese pizza, think burrata and Parmesan-topped flatbread. Trade in the chicken fingers for roast chicken with brown rice and heirloom carrots, or fried chicken with yam and milk gravy. 

Here are three restaurants raising the bar with their kids menus. And don't be surprised when you try to pick off your kid's plate.