Get your hands on Schweddy Balls, Dusty Muffins, more for the holidays

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Try Schweddy Balls, Dusty Muffins & Colon Blow for that special someone

If you're one of the many "Delicious Dish" fans whose mouths watered over Pete Schweddy's Schweddy balls, you'll be happy to learn you can buy his balls for the holidays.

"Saturday Night Live" has teamed with candy company It'Sugar to offer a line of candy and novelty items celebrating the show's 40th anniversary. 

In the words of "Dish" co-host Teri Rialto, a.k.a. Molly Shannon, holiday time is when the most wonderful culinary wishes come true. And this year, you can buy Schweddy Balls, Dusty Muffins, Colon Blow, Hans and Franz Get Juiced Wax Bottles and more. 

We taste-tested the Schweddy Balls, which are actually puffed rice balls coated in milk chocolate and a sprinkle of salt. They're sweet, a little salty and — contrary to popular belief — don't actually glisten. 

These balls aren't cheap. A pack of four is $14.99. 

In addition to the Schweddy Balls, Dusty Muffins and Colon Blow, there are also Gilly Sorry Peachy Hearts gummy candies, the Ladies Man chocolate bar, Super Star chocolate bar and more.

The treats are sold at all It'Sugar stores around the country and online, in case you want to buy something more than a wooden bowl, oversize index cards or a funnel for that special someone this year. 

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