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Scentee makes your phone smell like a cinnamon roll or Korean BBQ when you get a text

Finding just the right smartphone notification for a text, email or alarm is a big decision. People that choose animal sounds should have their phones taken away. But what if you could make your phone smell like your favorite food every time you got a text? 

Scentee, a Japanese tech brand, has created a product that attaches to your smartphone and releases a scent. The plug-in accessory fits into the headphone socket of a smartphone (iPhone and Android). The device works with a companion app that tells it to spray a burst of fragrance into the air when you receive a message. 

Available scents include rose, mint, curry, jasmine, cinnamon roll, lavender, apple, strawberry, ylang-ylang (a fragrant flower), coconut, and if you remember the fried corn soup fritters at KFC Japan from earlier this year, the corn soup scent should come as no surprise. There's also a limited-edition Korean BBQ collection with two meat scents and baked potato. Other scents are also in the works.

The device looks like a small bubble with an LED light. It can be programmed to go off when you receive a social network notification, text or alarm. It can also be synced to multiple games. Each model can deliver 100 bursts per scent capsule with refills available for $5. 

The Scentee is to launch on Amazon Japan on Nov. 15. 

Almost as cool as making the theme song to "The Wire" (the Season 5 version) your ringtone ... almost. 


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