Sriracha doughnuts are real; and they come with sour cream

This bakery is making sriracha doughnuts, with sour cream

The Sriracha-pocalypse is officially upon us. The fiery red condiment has invaded our grocery stores, restaurants, clothing, shoe and tech stores. And now, it's in our bakeries.

Jolie Patisserie in New York's Harlem neighborhood is making a Sriracha doughnut. You may be imagining Sriracha icing or a glazed doughnut with a sriracha drizzle. Stop it. You're not even close. 

Owner Moha Orchid takes a plain doughnut and tops it liberally with sour cream. Then he adds slivered almonds and a drizzle of Sriracha. 

The doughnut resembles a bagel with cream cheese, and a little sriracha sauce. Don't pretend you've never tried this. We're not judging. 

Orchid's doughnut may be unique, but he's not the first to put sriracha on a doughnut. That honor goes to Dough Loco, also in New York, and its raspberry sriracha doughnut. 

In addition to the doughnuts, Jolie Patisserie also serves Moroccon honey cookies, croissants and Austrian danishes. Because you can't just serve Sriracha doughnuts. Can you? 

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