VIDEO: Jose Cuervo makes a margarita in space

Jose Cuervo made a margarita in space, and it looks awesome

Out of all the things humans have launched into space, including a lightsaber from "Return of the Jedi," dirt from Yankee Stadium, and golf clubs, a margarita may be the best yet. 

Jose Cuervo is claiming to be the first to freeze a margarita in space in a recent video for National Margarita Day (Feb. 22). Why? Because if given the opportunity, why not make a margarita in space?

The tequila company sent a shaker filled with a Jose Cuervo margarita into space with the help of Peter Smith, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona's department of planetary sciences. 

The video shows the margarita shaker being strapped to what looks like a giant balloon before it's launched into space. There's a video camera attached so you can catch all the space mixology action. 

Once the margarita is above the ozone layer, Smith says it's in "Martian conditions." And Martian conditions are apparently ideal for making a space margarita. 

"You're above the ozone layer so you have UV and you have cosmic rays," said Smith in the video. "You have a Martian-like environment." 

After twirling around in space for a while, the giant balloon attached to the shaker pops, and the drink plummets back to Earth. Unfortunately, no one actually drinks the margarita in the video.

If Jose Cuervo needs someone to embark on a journey to find the space margarita and sample it, we can think of a few volunteers. 

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