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Prince tweets salad and pancakes: He's just like us

Is Prince a budding Twitter foodie? Between his concert pics and awkward Throwback Thursday photos, his new Twitter account could become a feed full of pictures of what he eats and drinks every day.

No one cares about what you or I eat on a daily basis, but this is Prince we're talking about. A man who decided he wanted to be referred to as an unpronounceable symbol. Things could get interesting.

His first tweets on his account, @3rdeyegirl ("4 hard-rocking, soft-spoken, astral traveling explosions of awesome"), started small. "PRINCE'S 1ST TWEET... TESTING 1, 2..." then "PRINCE'S 2ND TWEET." Just warming up. 

But then in his third tweet, he did something the rest of us normal folk do on the reg. He tweeted his food. Not surprisingly, a salad. But still ... he's one of us now. Or, at the very least, his tippy toes have touched down on our level, I suppose.

The salad is covered in pepper. It's hard to see the lettuce. Prince being self-aware with a sense of humor tweeted the caption, "Did eye add 2 much pepper?" Yes Prince, you did. But it's OK, because you're Prince.

His second food tweet was for his new single "Breakfast Can Wait." Prince tweeted the cover art for the single, which includes a photo of Dave Chappelle impersonating Prince and holding a plate of pancakes.

If you don't remember the legendary skit, here's the video. In it, Charlie Murphy (Eddie Murphy's brother) plays a game of basketball with Prince (Dave Chappelle). After Prince thoroughly kicks butt on the court, he invites Murphy and his losing team back into the house and serves them pancakes ... and grapes.

Bottom line, we need more food tweets from Prince.


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