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New potatoes are in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: New potatoes, those spuds that are freshly dug and sold before curing, are in season, with colorful varieties available from a number of farmers. Unlike thick-skinned, cured potatoes, new potatoes are known for a papery-thin skin that rubs off easily, and their flavor is more delicate and creamy than the larger, cured root vegetables. Each variety has a unique flavor, with options as varied as Purple Viking and German Butterball. The potatoes are generally in season during the late spring months.

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What to cook: Unlike those thicker-skinned, cured potatoes, new potatoes don’t have to be peeled. Steam the smaller potatoes whole, then serve them, lightly dressed, as salads, or toss them with fresh, chopped herbs. Dice uncooked potatoes to add to soups or stews, or crush the cooked potatoes, skins and all, for a simple mash, mixing with plenty of butter and cream and maybe some crème fraîche.

What’s on the horizon: Shishito peppers and green beans are showing up at select stands.


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